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  • 9:00 AM Bridesmaids drop cars off at the reception site 9:30 AM Girls get our hair and makeup done 11:00/ 11:30 AM  Arrive at the Church 12:00 PM Ceremony Starts 12:30 PM Ceremony Ends 1:00 PM Appetizers at Harry's Savoy 2:00 PM Bridal Party Arrives Blessing the food First Da[...]
  • So eight days to go. Matt is all moved in with the exception of the stuff he is living with at Charlie's.   I gave him a closet and a dresser. Second dress fitting tonight. Going to the beach with my girls tonight.  Matt is going to have his bachelor party Saturday in Philadelphia. Sunda[...]
  • Instead of going to Fantasia Bridal, where I bought the dress, Sarah convinced me that Webb's cleaners on Silverside and Baltimore Pike did excellent work. They pinned it up for hemming,  and will do the bustle a week before the wedding. Sarah lost weight from running between when we order[...]
  • ...was Sunday. We had afternoon tea at the Green Room at Hotel DuPont.  There was one other couple there, otherwise we had the place to ourselves. The girls came up with lovely favors of Chai Tea in test tubes with a pretty label, like the photo above, but tardis blue string and a lovely bird sta[...]
  • So flowers...probably flowers by yuki. Rehersal dinner...Washington Street Ale house has taken their time getting back to me. And I think that's it.
  • The first of the wedding gifts arrived Friday. We're debating on whether we ought to open them right away and make sure our Thank You notes are timely or if we open them all when we're back from our Honeymoon and write them all at once. At the moment they're unopened and sitting in the living [...]
  • 30 rooms reserved and we probably don't need that many. One person did not receive their invite last week. Sending another once I get my find more labels. Last night, Matt downloaded a Google CAD program Sketchup and mapped out the basemen, AKA his first man cave. Also, if you look at the b[...]