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  • Instead of going to Fantasia Bridal, where I bought the dress, Sarah convinced me that Webb's cleaners on Silverside and Baltimore Pike did excellent work. They pinned it up for hemming,  and will do the bustle a week before the wedding. Sarah lost weight from running between when we order[...]
  • So flowers...probably flowers by yuki. Rehersal dinner...Washington Street Ale house has taken their time getting back to me. And I think that's it.
  • 30 rooms reserved and we probably don't need that many. One person did not receive their invite last week. Sending another once I get my find more labels. Last night, Matt downloaded a Google CAD program Sketchup and mapped out the basemen, AKA his first man cave. Also, if you look at the b[...]
  • I had dinner with Rita, one of my bridesmaids. She just happened to have a perfect dress for the wedding and silver shoes.  I'm so glad she can wear it again. We looked at items for a possible registry and went over a few songs for the reception.  I mentioned that I've been looking for wedding[...]
  • Not only am I planning a wedding, I'm planning for my boss to be in India and unavailable from June 10-25th.  Phew. The list on those days: Week 12 (Jun 9-15) refine the budget create rough draft of wedding program (helps us decide order of ceremony and who's involved) send your fiancé[...]
  • A word to my friends I don't want to offend. I love you all.  And whether or not you get an invitation to the reception, I want to welcome you to the ceremony. My parents are contributing to this wedding and Matt has a huge family, what I lack in family, I make up for in friends. If I invit[...]